Elafonisi Beach Crete Drone Video Photos How to get there Tips

Elafonissi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. It's the most famous of the pink beaches in Crete, a once-remote idyll but now a major stop on the Crete travel trail. In our guide to Elafonissi beach, we tell you everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to one of the best beaches in Crete.

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The island of Elafonisi is just 650 feet away from the beach across a shallow bay of crystal clear turquoise water that doesn't get any higher than waist level at its deepest—you can easily wade across the lagoon to get to the island, which is mostly covered in sand dunes with a small Agia Irini Church on its western end.

Elafonisi Beach Crete Drone Video Photos How to get there Tips

Elafonissi is featured on our top 10 beaches in Crete. Elafonissi beach. The beach is located in a breathtaking natural resort. Impressive mountains, sand in pink shades, beautiful lagoons with turquoise water and an island, which is laid out as a conservation area due to the sea turtle caretta caretta, which is protected as an endangered species.

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Elafonisi is one of the most breathtaking beaches on Crete Island. Its clear blue waters, pink sand, and its unique landscape attract thousands of visitors every year. It has been ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Along with the surrounding shores, it belongs to the Natura network because of its unique natural beauty.

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Elafonissi Beach is located in the Chania region of western Crete, approximately 47 miles southwest of Chania town. We set off in our little rental car and it took us approximately an hour to reach Elafonissi Beach from our house rental outside of Chania town.

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About Located on the southwest coast of Crete, this remote beach is best known for its pink sand. However, temper your expectations as the amount of pink on display varies with conditions and the season. Regardless, the crystal clear waters make this a popular summer vacation spot, attracting sunbathers and watersport enthusiasts alike.

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Elafonisi Beach is one of those places that everyone wants to visit when they get to Crete. It's a hit on Instagram and ranks in every travel site among the top 10 beaches in the world. Well, it really is.

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Where is Elafonisi Beach? Chania (pronounced Han-ya) is the main city on west Crete. From Chania to Elafonisi beach you drive roughly 75 kilometres southwest (1.5 hours) through some of the most impressive hills and gorges on Crete ending up on the southwest coast.


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Elafonisi is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches on Crete Island. The place became famous for its pinkish sand, and that's why it's also known as Pink Beach. And though many things impact this phenomenon and make its sand turn pastel-pink, regardless of how the sand looks, its waters are still pristine and very inviting on a summer day.

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Elafonisi is arguably the most beloved place for locals and travelers in Crete, Greece's largest island. It's an easy day trip from Chania City, too. Once you arrive, you'll find a developed shoreline with a lively atmosphere, calm waters, and an islet that seemingly stretches into the horizon.

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The beach of Elafonisi, on the Southwest coast of Crete, has been often ranked as one of the prettiest beaches in Europe, and it is certainly one of the top attractions you can visit on the island.

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Elafonissi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete and a popular day trip from Chania and Rethymnon. The beach is located at the southwestern part of the island, and you can easily get here on your own, or via a guided tour.

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Elafonisi is a small island separated from mainland by a shallow warm water. It has become famous because of its pink sand and unique flora. The 4 mains reasons to visit are: PINK - It is often referred to as the Pink Beach of Crete because it some areas the sand turns pink (and we will see why later in the article)

Elafonissi Elafonisi Beach in Chania AllinCrete Travel Guide for Crete

While most are familiar with the famous beach on Crete (spelled Elafonissi), Elafonisi is actually an entire island, separated from the southwest coast of Crete by a shallow, warm lagoon and a sandbar that is submerged under about one meter of water at most during high tide.